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Over 09 years of experience.

At Redwood Caring Hands, we strive to make staying at home a positive experience. We do this by allowing you to select your caregiver from a group of skilled caregivers.


We have experience Caregiver.

Our caregivers have certifications and documented experience, along with a commitment to continuing education.


Monitoring is Essential.

Redwood Caring Hands are trained to continuously monitor their caregivers through our unique system of continued personalized contacts.

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What others say about us

“The medical attenders for patient’s bedside care are providing adequate support. They are highly co-operative and good at their work.”
ED, Printyogear.com


“This organisation’s team members have a very good nature, are caring, trained and have a well behaviour. They are taking care of the patient very well.”
Sara Millin


“Redwood Caring Hands provided my family with a number of needed resources at a crucial time of need for my loved one. With Occupational Therapist on their team, it made the transition home much more successful.”
Crystal English


“While searching on-line for a Physical Therapist, we didn’t need in-home care at the time. They provided us with an on call therapist, later on, when we needed care the choice was simple.”
Jimmy Newell


“When my loved one needed short term care after having minor surgery, a close friend referred Redwood Caring Hands. After searching for caregivers, I decided to give them a call and that was one of the best decisions that I made.”
LaDon Moore


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